About me

So why hire me? I have lived this experience.

I was 220 pounds with a 38” waist, and in eight months I dropped 80 pounds and went to a 30” waist. I have successfully maintained this weight for six years and through this process I have developed a Personal Training Program to assist others in reaching their goals too.

Through personal experience, working with other qualified trainers, and my personal studies I developed my personal training program. I continue to work with other professionals in the field and study different aspects of nutrition and exercise to help ensure that I can provide the best training program for my clients.

In the past five years I have trained more than 60 clients with great success. While working in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica I had the opportunity to work with Matthew Perry and Diahann Carroll, among others.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and have recently moved to Copenhagen, Denmark.


Personal training


I am there by your side motivating you to push yourself to achieve your personal goals.

Personal Guidance

Together we determine your goals and then I plan a system designed to meet your specific needs.


Prior to our first meeting, I will gather information from you so that I can provide you with dietary suggestions.  Instead of a diet; I will help educate you on a healthy nutritious lifestyle.  A lifestyle that will be flexible enough so that you can still enjoy the foods you love!

Nutritional Supplements

We will discuss what you are currently doing to supplement your diet and then determine what would be best to help ensure your body is attaining the necessary vitamins/minerals/amino acids.

Strength Training

Based on your goals; I will plan a strength-training regimen.  This plan may include some light weights, but will be geared towards building lean muscle mass to help create a well defined body while assisting in developing a strong metabolism.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Each session will include 20 minutes of cardio activity.  I will be doing this by your side to help ensure you get the maximum benefits from the exercise.


At the end of each session; we will spend 5-10 minutes stretching out to ensure your body and muscles leave feeling worked yet relaxed.


Skyler is the best personal trainer I have worked with. He is an expert at pacing your exercise routine and knows how to set up a training schedule to fit your needs. He will make sure you achieve your goals. All you have to do is show up and work. Most importantly, he has soul. You quickly learn to trust him and know that he is sincere in his desire to help you be you. So, just do it. Hire Skyler and start looking better, and feeling better about yourself.

Dr. Louis F. D'Elia, Santa Monica, CA

In February 2005 I had a car accident that left me with an injury on my right shoulder. For 8 months I couldn’t work out because it was painful and I was afraid of causing further injury to my shoulder. A physical therapist advised me to find a good personal trainer to help me get back in the habit of working out with the close supervision an expert. I saw Skyler’s advertisement in the local yellow pages website and decide to try it. Skyler was my trainer for a period of eight months (until he moved to Denmark). During this time he helped to strengthen the muscles in my shoulder and diminish the pain caused by the injury. He always paid close attention during the work out sessions making sure that my form was perfect. As the peripheral muscles around the injury were getting stronger the pain became less and less. Within four months working out with Skyler, I no longer had any pain in my shoulder. My body became stronger, more defined, and I had more endurance than I had in my 20’s. Skyler was patient and very disciplined. He carefully pushed my limits and helped me to develop a better, stronger body. His kindness and caring ways makes the working out sessions a pleasant experience. He also helped me to have better nutritional habits and be persistent with exercising. I am very grateful for the experience of having Skyler as my personal trainer.

Joao Neto, West Hollywood, CA

I'd gone to the gym a few times in the past. I would look at the diagrams and use the weight machines, but I didn't have a routine and I knew I wasn’t making the most of my time. Skyler gave me a simple training program I could follow on my own. He familiarized me with the weight machines and introduced me to free weights. I feel comfortable going to the gym now that I know what I'm doing. Plus, by working different muscle groups on different days, and mixing cardio and weight training, Skyler has taught me to maximize the time spent at the gym. Motivation was key, as well. Skyler doesn’t just give you orders. He actually works out with you, doing the same exercises. Seeing his commitment motivated me to keep coming back. Even though I have relocated and not seen Skyler in a year, I still use his program at the gym every week.

Ian Mayer, New York, NY


What can you expect from me?

You can expect a complete program that includes nutritional counseling, nutritional supplement recommendations, and a complete exercise routine including strength training, cardio exercise, and stretching. In addition, you can expect a professional trainer that will be 100% focused on you and your specific goals, a trainer that is on time, a trainer who won’t be busy on his mobile phone, and a trainer that will motivate and excite you throughout!

What’s expected of you?

You will be required to provide a high level of commitment and willingness to succeed!

How often would we meet?

This depends on your time availability. I suggest we meet three times a week, but we can structure a program that meets your specific needs.

Where would we meet?

Training is done in a private studio - in the center of Copenhagen.


The cost is DKK 500 per session or ten sessions for DK 4000 (prices excl. Moms).



Please feel free to email or call with any questions or comments.

Skyler Rowland

(+45) 27 12 08 18